All Hallows Eve Candles or Wax Melts

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Ginger - Pumpkin

Size: 8 oz Candle
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This haunted fragrance of spiced ginger and pumpkin is the perfect accent for your favorite night of the year! All Hallow's Eve honors the spirits of the deceased; believers leave out sweets for their loved ones passed, and a carved pumpkin with a candle inside to ward off evil spirits or those seeking revenge!

Scent Profile: Ginger - Pumpkin

• Top Notes: Ginger, Clove
• Mid Notes: Pumpkin
• Base Notes: Vanilla, Sugar

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Customer Reviews

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Jackie F. (Newark, NJ)
All Hallows’ eve

Festive, fun scent. Not overpowering.

Jackie F. (Newark, NJ)
All Hallows’ eve

The best way to get into the Halloween spirit is to light this sucker. Perfect amount of scent and no overwhelming fragrance.

Stephanie H. (Riverside, CA)

All Hallows Eve Candle

Elizabeth (Stevensville, ON)

From the black wax to the beautiful label, this candle is a perfect fall candle. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin things (like pie, and lattes), but I really do love the smell of pumpkin and this one captures it so well. It’s a little strong, but I wouldn’t say that it’s overpowering. It’s a great blend!

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Smells Like Halloween

All Hallow's Eve is an amazing fall scent. The pumpkin is perfection and adding that sweet hint of ginger leads into the next holiday of the year. ;) I can't to light this beauty on Halloween and enjoy!

Sims (Beaver, PA)
Perfect fall scent

This was my fav of the bunch. This one smelled stronger before I burned it, but the scent combo was perfection.

Jackie (Phoenix, AZ)
Gimme All the Hallows Eves

Is it possible to be in love with a candle? It's got to be, because I freaking LOVE this candle!! Hands down the best scent of the After Life box and may just be my favorite Dio scent to date. This IS Halloween! The smell of pumpkins, sweet sugary candy and fall leaves stuffed in a jar. I seriously can not stop huffing this candle! I am so happy to have a little piece of October bottled so I can carry it around with me always. My search for the perfect scent is over. I'll send you an invite to our wedding.

Sebrina (Chicago, IL)
October perfection

I am seriously in love with this candle! For me it is a perfect balance of pumpkin and another candle I love; Foolish Mortals (also from Dio of course). I received my order on Tuesday and I've been burning this since then. Definitely a good thing I bought two!

Nichelle (Vernon, BC)
Halloween Perfection

This candle is seriously incredible. It smells like pumpkin pie with the spice of ginger, but it’s the “haunted moon” addition that makes this so unique. I have no idea what it is, but it makes me want to keep smelling the candle over and over again.

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
October In A Jar!

Everything about this candle screams October- the black wax, the perfect orange label with the cute little bats and the full moon, the ginger and pumpkin. I love it. There's a great amount of depth to the fragrance, maybe that's the mysterious fog scent doing that. I'll definitely be lighting this on Halloween.

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