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Bacon - Maple Syrup - Black Pepper

Size: 8 oz Candle
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Snuggle up close to the irresistible smell of sizzling bacon, warm sticky maple syrup, and just a bit of cracked black pepper and you'll never want to leave the house again! Smells just like the real thing, in a pleasant, sniff all-day, kind of way!

Scent Profile: Bacon - Maple Syrup - Black pepper

• Top Notes: Black Pepper
• Mid Notes: Bacon, Maple, Salt
• Base Notes: Dry Cherrywood, Musk

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Heather (Scranton, PA)
Anniversary present

I brought this for my son-in-law for there 2nd year anniversary bc he loves bacon. Your selection of candles make buying a gift for a man so easy! You're the only company that has this big selection of "man candles", which I actually prefer. I'll let you know what he rates it. Sounds yummy.

Becky K. (Port Charlotte, FL)
Maple in the air

This gives off the most lovely smell of maple. Brings you to ask where's the bacon.

Tammy (London, ON)
You've Convinced Me

I bought this candle at the recommendation of the doodle mama, and I would be lying if I said I was hesitant to do so. I am not a fan of bacon at all, so I was afraid I may not like this one. It actually smells so good! The maple syrup in it helps tone down the scent of the bacon and I can't wait to discover what it smells like when burning! I would recommend this one!!!!

Heather (Greensburg, PA)

My husband and sons cannot get enough of this candle, they say it smells like bacon on a campfire!!

Denise (Laurelton, NJ)
mmmmm bacon....

Got home after a bad day at work. Opened the door and was hit in the face with a smoky sweetness that I couldn’t quite place at first, but it just felt ‘homey’. As I walked down the hall I realized what It was. This little adorable jar filled the whole house with such a warm maple bacon goodness. I smiled, and instantly left my workday outside in the cold. It’s really a ‘million dollar’ scent.

Cristina N. (Albuquerque, NM)

Just got this today. SMELLS AMAZING! Haven't even burned it yet. It's for my hunny and he will probably burn it for the game tomorrow since it's special. Missouri cotton wicks and all! GO CHIEFS! KC BABY!

Maureen (Kearny, NJ)
Legit bacon.

I burned this candle during the day and everyone who lives in my house asked if we were having breakfast for dinner. Nuff said. Dio does it again!

Chris (Trenton, NJ)
Perfect as Usual

This candle smells great! It’s exactly as described, making the whole house smell like delicious bacon. Another of many amazing candles from Dio Candle Company!

Leon (Keyport, NJ)

Smells really accurate. Not synthetic like others I've had before. It makes my whole house smell like delicious bacon. Love the maple and the black pepper too!

Audra W. (Washington, DC)
Lotsa maple.

Smells nice but haven't burned and cant smell the bacon. Will update after burning!

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