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Root Beer - Ice Cream

Size: 8 oz Candle
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Fizzy root beer float scent smells like the real thing! Just like Dad used to make. Ice cream and soda just go so well together, and now you can kind of enjoy one anytime!

Scent Profile: Root Beer - Ice Cream

• Top Notes: Fzz, Root Spice, Sassafras
• Mid Notes: Black Licorice, Tarragon, Anise
• Base Notes: Vanilla Ice Cream

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Michelle S. (Greenfield, IN)
Smells exactly like the real thing!

These candles are amazing!! They smell just like the real thing! It smells smooth and bubbly. The only bad thing about it……..I am always wanting a root beer float! Lol!

Sushila S. (Tamuning)
Soo good!

It smells like I know it would taste sooo good too!

Cassandra (Livermore, CA)
Wow delicious! 🍺

I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an actual root beer float & this candle if my eyes were closed & they were both in front of my nose Lol. I burned right through this one & will now need the largest size! :) Dio candles are the best candles by far. So glad I’ve found such a unique, one of a kind candle company for all my candle needs ! 🙌🏼

Nancymeng S.
Smells just like a root beer float. Very w...

Smells just like a root beer float. Very well packaged, prompt delivery.

Boss B.
Smells great but is weaker in comparison t...

Smells great but is weaker in comparison to the other candles I bought from this shop.

Cece D.
I purchased the Root Beer Float, Hawaiian...

I purchased the Root Beer Float, Hawaiian Ohana, and World's Best Boss candles - they were all super adorable and came in very cute packaging! The candles smelled EXACTLY LIKE their intended scent, which made for an awesome reaction for those I gifted them to! They were shipped and delivered a bit later than anticipated, but it was right in the middle of the holiday season so that's most likely the reason why. I was very satisfied overall and would love to order from this shop again :)

Amanda (Brampton, ON)

Dio does it again with a candle where you can smell the carbonation! Amazing!

Patrick (Roswell, GA)
Sweet and spicy

I love the spicy smell of the root beer and the sweet smell of the ice cream. Smell exactly like a root beer float!

Noel (Williamsport, PA)

Smells just like Root Beer!

Tammy (London, ON)

I have loved root beer for as long as I can remember and this smells EXACTLY like a root beer float!!! *drool*
Highly recommend!

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