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Green Foliage - Floral - Rain
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Size: 8 oz Candle
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Inspired by the children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this Secret Garden fragrance is a blooming fresh green foliage with undertones of flowers and spring rain. This slightly floral aroma was developed to have you dreaming of your own English garden, complete with rock wall and creaky wooden door.

Scent Profile: Green Foliage - Floral - Rain

• Top Notes: Petrichor, Rain, Plumeria, Lilac
• Mid Notes: Green Leaves, Olive, Honeysuckle, Mint
• Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Moss, Amber

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100% All Natural Soy
Cotton Paper Wicks (No Lead)
Recyclable Clear Glass
Metal Lids
Plastic Clamshell (Wax Melts)

burn times

Use your candles and melts for 3-4 hour intervals for best performance and preservation. 32oz candles are made-to-order in single-batches, please allow extra time for processing/curing. 1oz Adorable Size Candles are the world's smallest glass jar candles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Brianna K. (Littleton, CO)
The Scent I Didn't Know I Was Missing

I've never smelled anything quite like this. It really does evoke an old, hidden garden tucked behind some old English manor.

Brittany (St Louis, MO)

The smell of a garden and outside is what reminds me of childhood and happiness. This scent is absolutely a favorite and gives me all the outside vibes of what a secret garden would be. As a kid, reading The Secret Garden made me want a little hideout like I read about. I can imagine being one of the children playing in the book while this fillsy home.

SL (Jackson, MI)

Fresh, rainy garden scent - so nice! Makes me even more ready for Spring to arrive!

Candice C. (Riverside, CA)
Grandma approved.

Bought this for my grandma. She prefers flower and garden scented candles, and she loved this one!

Holly C.
I ordered a few in one order but this one...

I ordered a few in one order but this one is easily my favourite which surprised me. It has a really lovely fresh but comforting scent


Really nice! Smells light and fresh and "wet". Watering flowers in the early spring.

Denise (Laurelton, NJ)
Latest Fav

It’s what I aspire to make my yard smell like. I always plant floral bushes - but please tell me the secret to make my yard smell this good! Otherwise I’ll just have to deal with my house smelling like my dream yard!

Jennifer (Boulder, CO)
Garden Indeed

This scent is definitely growing on me. The foliage and the rain sticks out to me, but it smells really nice! Definitely smells like you're sitting in a garden while it's raining.

Kat B. (Apollo, PA)

This is a fresh summer candle! It is perfect and has wonderful garden smells from fresh flowers, green grass, and secrets 😉

Emilie (Denver, CO)
Totally does the book justice!

For anyone who knows me, they are well aware that my favorite book of ALL TIME is indeed The Secret Garden. Whenever I purchase a candle inspired by Burnett's classic, I am always a harsh critic. Sometimes candles inspired by this book can get too earthy. While this IS an earthy scent it doesn't however, have the soil or super grassy notes that I tend to steer clear from. The green foliage is subtle and the flowers are a bit more prominent. If you don't like floral scents though, have no fear because the rain note gives the flowers a juicy smell almost like a sweet fruit. I was so happy when I sniffed this candle for the first time because Natasha somehow managed to create the perfect balance of all three scents where it just smells fresh, and ultimately does my favorite story justice.

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