Stargaze Candles or Wax Melts

Lily - Mint - Rose - Patchouli
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Size: 8 oz Candle
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What does it mean to Stargaze?

Answer: Stargaze (verb) to gaze at or observe the stars.

We should all look up more, the sky is full of wondrous splendor! Did you know every star we see in the night sky is located in our own Milky Way Galaxy? Every one of those stars has planets of its own, possibly teeming with life. This midnight fragrance of the best viewing hours captures the allure of the heavens.

Scent Profile: Lily - Mint - Rose - Patchouli

• Top Notes: Black Rose, Apple
• Mid Notes: Lily, Fern, Musk
• Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood

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Premium Fragrance

100% All Natural Soy
Cotton Paper Wicks (No Lead)
Recyclable Clear Glass
Metal Lids
Plastic Clamshell (Wax Melts)

burn times

Use your candles and melts for 3-4 hour intervals for best performance and preservation. 32oz candles are made-to-order in single-batches, please allow extra time for processing/curing. 1oz Adorable Size Candles are the world's smallest glass jar candles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Very Soothing

I've been wanting this candle since my very first order, and I'm glad I finally decided to get it. It's got such a soothing and calming scent and I'm absolutely loving it. Everything blends together really nicely.

Leona P. (Kirkliston, SCT)

Absolutely love my candles, will definitely be buying from Dio again.
Have been recommending you all to family an friends.

Kat B. (Greensburg, PA)
Love it!

This is a very soothing and relaxing scent. I will burn this for a pick me up or needing to feel cozy. It is my favorite color and it has a beautiful layer of glitter to boot!

Elizabeth (Fort Erie, ON)
Star light, star brightly

I firmly believe that different times of the day have different smells, and I fully believe that this candle caputres nighttime perfectly. It has that sweet, fresh smell of the air. I also find that it has this damp-like smell to it, like dew on grass.

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Wish upon the Stars

So in love with the beautiful deep rich color of this candle. The bluish purple is a great representation of the night sky and the added sparkles remind me of the milky way. The scent lingers on the side of floral, but it has a little kick of mint in there to break up the sweetness.

Angelina (Vienna, 9)
lovely !

who doesn’t love to gaze at the stars ! this candle is so dreamy, a little glittery and smells like a summer night :)

Cassi (Beaver, PA)
Oh my stars!

I really like this candle! I've had others that are more for me, but I love the adorable size to try out pretty much anything! It's not too large and yet is enough to really get to enjoy a few longer burns to really get a sense of it. The mix of scents in this candle is very well balanced and not as off-putting as I sometimes tend to find patchouli!

Sarah (Chatham, IL)
Not for Me

While I like the smell, it's not one of my favorites. But that's a personal preference! If you think you'll like this candle, give it a try! Everything else about it - from the candle color to the label is great!

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