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Multi Spice Craft Soda

Size: 8 oz Candle
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With 23 unlikely ingredients, this fragrance comes to life with an incredible balance of sweet and spicy. Just a hint of effervescence and a beautiful dark red color.

Scent Profile: Multi Spice Soda

• Top Notes: Plum, Fizz, Amaretto
• Mid Notes: Blackberry, Licorice, Cherry, Nutmeg
• Base Notes: Molasses, Caramel

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Alex B. (Acworth, GA)
Smells just like Dr. Pepper!

Smells just like the real thing!!! I've had it burning in my bedroom for the past week and it is just amazing!!!

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Favorite Soda!

Dr Pepper is hands down my favorite pop, so I had high expectations for this one, and Natasha smashed every single one of them out of the park! I don't know how she does it?! This candle has that sweet almost cherry scent with that hint of spice that makes Dr Pepper, well... Dr Pepper. If you love Dr Pepper as much as I do then you need this Dio Pepper candle in your life!

Tammy (Brampton, ON)

Holy, this smells EXACTLY like Dr Pepper which is my favourite pop. I can’t even say enough good things about it. It makes me think of cool air and freshness and sweetness and just goodness. Another I def need in a larger size

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)
It’s delicious without the calories

It’s the smell of every flavour of pop. I’m always amazed at how spot on the drink scented candles turn out. This one smells as good as Dr. Pepper. Another must add candle to every person’s collection

Nichelle (Vernon, BC)
A perfect throwback

Can you still call it a throwback if you still drink it regularly? I absolutely love Dr. Pepper, so I was beyond excited to get this candle. I can’t believe how accurate the scent it. You can even smell the carbonation in this candle which is so crazy. 100% a candle you need if you’re a Pep fan!

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Nice Way to Remember a Former Fav

This used to be my favorite soda of all time, especially during high school. It's got that delicious Dr. Pepper scent that I always loved. Can't wait to burn this one!

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