Bermuda Rum Cakes Candles or Wax Melts

Rum - Royal Icing - Cake
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Size: 8 oz Candle
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Coral pink sand beaches, gorgeous weather, friendly people, and the best rum north of the Caribbean! Impress your friends with the memory-evoking fragrance of salty air blowing through Kings Wharf at Sunset while you stuff your tourist face with countless bites of delicious Bermudian Rum Cake.

Scent Profile: Rum - Royal Icing - Cake

• Top Notes: Black Seal Rum, Royal Icing
• Mid Notes: Butterscotch, Coconut
• Base Notes: Cake

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Premium Fragrance

100% All Natural Soy
Cotton Paper Wicks (No Lead)
Recyclable Clear Glass
Metal Lids
Plastic Clamshell (Wax Melts)

burn times

Use your candles and melts for 3-4 hour intervals for best performance and preservation. 32oz candles are made-to-order in single-batches, please allow extra time for processing/curing. 1oz Adorable Size Candles are the world's smallest glass jar candles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Molly W.
mom loves it

Love the design of these candles! Smells good and burns nicely, exactly as described. Mom loves this scent. Thank you! :)

Megan B.
Absolutely love it. Thank you.

Absolutely love it. Thank you.

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Pirates Life?

The icing and cake scents are such decadent compliments to the rum in this candle. Definitely makes you feel like you're in the Caribbean on a vacation!

ks (Somersworth, NH)
Sweet scented.

There's a grocery store chain that makes butter rum muffins. They smell and taste lovely. These wax tarts smell almost like them, a little less buttery. The tarts have a decent throw and smell nice.

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
I’ve Fallen In Love

I’ve never had a rum cake but I’m absolutely in love with this candle. I liked it upon first sniff but when I lit it , that’s when the real love affair began. It’s spicy, comforting and perfectly sweet without being too sweet. This may be one of the best balanced scents I’ve ever had. It’s too good and too pure for this world. Get the biggest size you can- trust me. It’s definitely a top 5 candle of all time for me. I look forward to all the hours I’m going to spend reading this autumn while enjoying this tantalizing scent. All the stars for this one!

Nichelle (Vernon, BC)

I’ve never had rum cake before, but I’ve spent the afternoon looking up recipes. If it’s as amazing as this candle smells, then I am incredibly excited.

Walker (Beaver, PA)

Have never had rum cakes of any kind, but if they taste as good as this candle smells them I’m clearly missing out.

Tammy (Burlington, ON)
Kind of Beachy?

This candle smells yummy and kind of reminds me of a tropical beach! You definitely get the run off the top, but I can smell coconut which I absolutely love! Has me dreaming of sun, sand, and coconutty goodness!

Angelina (Vienna, 9)
not a fan of rum

i personally don’t like rum, neither the scent nor the taste so i never had rum cakes of any kind. at first you really get the rum smell but at the second sniff you get to smell the cake ! i’m all for cake but not for rum, hence the 3 stars. but if you love rum you should totally give this one a try !

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