Adorable Affiliates Program

Interested in becoming an affiliate for Dio Candle Company? Apply today and we'll review your application to see if you'd be a great fit for our Adorable brand!

What We Look For in Adorable Affiliates

Enthusiastic, free thinking individuals that have a strong social media presence with a consistent follower engagement. Minimum follower count : 3500 from combined platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) or equivalent blog site views. Must produce high quality material with intention. Affiliates must possess great attention to detail.

Dio Candle Company Discretion

We reserve all rights to approve or deny requests based on the information provided in the application. Accounts that are perceived to be offensive or hateful in any way will automatically be disqualified. All accounts are subject to approval by Dio Candle Company. If approved, you will receive a "Woohoo You've Been APPROVED" email.

Approved Adorable Affiliate Perks

When you are approved for Adorable Affiliates, any sale made using your unique link/code will earn you a portion of that revenue!  

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