Meet the Dios

Hey It's Us

Just your small town girl and a city boy. We do it all, from creating this website, designing labels, coming up with scent ideas, wicking, pouring, labeling, box building and shipping.

Love of Food

Natasha keeps a recipe blog for all her favorite meals. Someday she'll add pictures to them, but for now enjoy ad-free, life-story free, mostly gluten free, recipes below.


We love to hike, and explore new places with our Australian Shepherd Poodles. Everywhere we gooooo people want to knowwwww what they are, so we tell them. That's a Dio Doodle. They're salt and pepper colored like me.

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Tash's Top 20

Candles in this collection are my personal favorites, subject to change at any time. This was supposed to be a top 10, but I couldn't do it. Tash's Top 20 has a nice ring to it.

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Mike's Top 20

If you're like me, then you got a sweet tooth. I grew up with soda and gumballs, and a zillion bowls of cereal.
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