Calavera Candle

Scent: Sugar - Lime

Smells like

Sugar - Lime

In Mexican and Latino cultures, families decorate skulls to pay homage to their deceased. Inspired by the Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, this Mexican Lime and Sugar fragrance is perfect for a celebration!

This label has 9 Calaveras designs! Collect them all!

Customer Reviews

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this smells amazing!


Omg....this candle is the perfect mixture of citrus and sweet, they balance each other perfectly. One of my favorites

Delicious and Pretty

This candle smells delicious (citrus-y and sweet, but not too sweet) and it's a beautiful sparkly white. The scent is strong whether cold or burning (which I really like). The label is really lovely as well!


Smells fresh, citrusy and sweet but not too sweet. Very nice addition to my collection.

Sugar Sweet

I think this one would have to be my favourite from the After Life box. The glitter on top alone makes me fall in love with it, but the sweet smell of the sugar and slight acidic smell of the lime just catapult my love. I just have it sitting open, not burning, and I can smell it. So amazing!!!

Deadly Delicious

This beautifully subtle candle is everything! It's a stunning white colour with a sugar like coating of glitter on top that is magical. There is a sugary sweetness but also a hint of bitterness from the lime. This is such an amazing candle.

Lime and sugar

Made me want a margarita. I like the theme for the month, and while not really a fall scent, it goes with the theme, and smells amazing.

Dia de los YUMuertos

This candle most definitely smells like a margarita to me, and apparently I'm not the only one. The lime and sugar come through but I swear there is a subtle tinge of tequila and it smells amazing! I adore the bright white of the candle with beautiful colored glitter on top, which perfectly resembles a sugary calavera. The label is just as perfect with the nine different skull designs. All joking aside, this candle is elegantly done and a wonderful way to honor the festival.


Will I be judged if I eat this candle?? Probably, so I won’t...even though I’m super tempted. This candle smells exactly like a sweet margarita. It definitely gives me Day of the Dead festival vibes and I’m obsessed. I also love that is has gorgeous glitter on top and there’s NINE different skull designs for this candle! I will definitely be reordering this candle in the future.

This Deserves All The Stars!

Look, its lime and sugar, so it's already guaranteed to be a hit in my house. I love sweet smells, and my husband hordes anything from the citrus family like a jealous dragon. But then you go and add a cool label with 9 different possible designs, and glitter? It's pretty much all my weaknesses in one. It's fresh, sweet without being cloying, and reminds me so much of a refreshing margarita. We had to agree to only light it when we are both here because neither of us wants to miss out on any seconds of this delicious scent.

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Sweet and delicious!

Love love LOVE the sweet, creamy scent! It makes me think of summer and warmth and sunshine! The label is super cute and is perfect for any gamers or just lovers of adorable candles!!!


Banana and grapefruit = HOLY CRAP THIS IS FRUITY AND YUMMY! I want this candle burning all the time! I am OBSESSED!!!!! Go grab this candle! And I recommend a very or super adorable size - you won’t regret it 😉

Pumpkin Juice

LOVE this candle! Fantastic for fall!

Perfect gift!

Loved the candles, they're just as I imagined! I'm glad to have something small, made in Colorado, to include in gift box.

Totally makes me think of Princess Peach

If you love peach smelling anything. You’ll want this candle. It smells so good, it makes me hungry for a nice bowl of peach yogurt, yum! The label is just adorable as well.