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Scent: State Room - Salty Ocean Air

Smells like

State Room - Salty Ocean Air

Bring all your fun memories from your cruise ship vacation home with a scent that smells just like your clean upscale State Room, complete with open balcony's salty ocean breeze!

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Sailing the Seas

This candle is so pretty. The scent it clean and crisp with subtle hints of citrus. I've never been on a cruise, but if this is what's to be expected, then I can't wait to take my first!

Salt and Surf

Such a clean, salt breeze scent. I like to light it after I've tidied the house because it makes things feel that much cleaner with its scent in the air.


A small pot of great sea air. A fresh little sent.

So clean! Very posh

This candle smells like something you'd pick up in Nordstrom for quadruple the price. Elegant and lovely! Bought a Very Adorable size and it lasted almost 45 hours. Impressed!

Love it!

The house I currently live in is a very closed off floor plan and tends to hold onto smells - especially that of my dogs! This candle smells so clean and fresh and even though it is so tiny, its smell literally permeated through my whole house, making it smell clean and summery! I will definitely be returning for more of these candles!

Great recommendation!

I reached out to Dio Candle to ask about why they chose this particular cruise line to make a candle after, and their response was the very reason we booked our first cruise with NCL! I ended up buying this candle as well- which smells amazing by the way. Can't wait for our cruise! Thank you again!

My wife's favorite

Love these candles. They have as good or better scent than the larger candles.

Bought this candle then booked our cruise!

First off, I could smell this from the package before I even opened it at the mailbox- wow! Second, it smells amazing! Just like NCL! We love cruising with Norwegian, and when we lit this candle we just looked at eachother and said "yeah we gotta book another cruise"! It just brings back so many good memories. Is this available in a larger size? I would like to enjoy it for longer while we wait for our cruise in September!

Smells just like NCL

My girlfriend and I went on a cruise a few years ago with NCL and loved it! When she got this candle for me for Valentine's Day, it brought all those wonderful memories back. It's crazy how scent ties into memory so seamlessly. Thanks Dio!

Adorable size with a HUGE pleasant scent range!

Seriously order this candle right now. Don't even bother reading the rest of the review. I received this candle as a gift and couldn't be happier with how well it held up (it was shipped to the East Coast during a heat wave) and how powerful the scent is. This mighty little candle is filling up all 1200sqft of my house. I'm seriously impressed and will be buying more. The adorable size is perfect too. It's easy to store and will allow me to stock up on different scents. That way I can interchange my favorite as often as possible. I'm trying Butterbeer and Boardwalk Ice Cream next. Thanks for making a great quality candle!

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Sweet and delicious!

Love love LOVE the sweet, creamy scent! It makes me think of summer and warmth and sunshine! The label is super cute and is perfect for any gamers or just lovers of adorable candles!!!


Banana and grapefruit = HOLY CRAP THIS IS FRUITY AND YUMMY! I want this candle burning all the time! I am OBSESSED!!!!! Go grab this candle! And I recommend a very or super adorable size - you won’t regret it 😉

Pumpkin Juice

LOVE this candle! Fantastic for fall!

Perfect gift!

Loved the candles, they're just as I imagined! I'm glad to have something small, made in Colorado, to include in gift box.

Totally makes me think of Princess Peach

If you love peach smelling anything. You’ll want this candle. It smells so good, it makes me hungry for a nice bowl of peach yogurt, yum! The label is just adorable as well.