First Responder Candle

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Clean Aloe - White Tea - Clover

The first on the scene! These medically trained individuals save countless lives every day! For the Men and Women who respond first to all sorts of disasters and accidents, with their sanitary means of delivering medical assistance on the fly, we are so grateful! This clean and uplifting scent pays homage to these super humans! 

This premium fragrance is available in 3 candle sizes and wax tart form 

8oz Candles last 55-70 hours
4oz Candles last 30-50 hours
1oz Candles last 11-15 hours
2.75oz Wax Tart cubes can be re-melted 2x

Proudly handmade with 100% vegan soy wax!
Fills room with scent in any size!

Never leave lit candles or melting wax tarts unattended.
Do not burn for longer than 3 hours at time.
For more tips click here.

Customer Reviews

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It Soothes And Refreshes

This is a great scent for when you are having a bad day and want to wipe away what’s bringing you down and start fresh. The scent is relaxing, soothing and fresh, delicate yet detectable. I love it. The colour is a brilliant shade of blue. If you love the scent of a clean house you need this candle.

Very nice!!!

This scent profile is not my usual go-to, but it is so fresh and clean I really like it!!! The blue colour is gorgeous and the label is perfect!!!

Fresh and clean

This candle is so fresh and the notes of the tea are amazing. It is a very clean scent and incredibly well-balanced

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★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1763 reviews
toy story fan

love this scent and the label design!

Green Alien Dream!

I love the colour and the scent of this candle. The little aliens on the label are adorable too. This melon scent is exactly what I’d expect that colour of wax to smell like. Such a great scent to kick off summer with!

Mystery In A Jar

This candle has such a smoky, mysterious scent that draws you in, keeping you intrigued the whole time you have it lit. It’s such a complex layered scent that it’s hard to describe but if you like smoky, musky , masculine scents, definitely get this candle! The blood red wax is a nice touch.

A Cinematic Triumph!

Oh man where do I begin? The label is such a cute design. The colour is spot on perfect to match the scent. And the scent ? So good. It’s like if caramel corn and kettle corn had a baby. I love it!

Totally 90’s Nostalgia

This candle reminds me of candy necklaces and fun dip and boy do I love it. The label screams Saved By The Bell And I’m ready to light it, put on some teen comedies and live my best life. If sweet scents are for you, you need this candle!