Halloween Pumpkin King Candle

Scent: Men's Cologne - Woods - Pumpkin

Smells like

Men's Cologne - Woods - Pumpkin

With the slightest little effort of his ghostlike charms, Jack comes to life with this deadly masculine fragrance accented by Halloween pumpkins! If there’s a pumpkin longing in your skeleton heart that nobody understands, we got you covered! This brew is made of the Holiday Woods outside Halloweentown, Jack's Cologne, and Pumpkin!

Customer Reviews

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Smells delicious!

The smell reminds me of pumpkin cookies or a fresh baked pumpkin pie.

Fit for a Pumpkin King

This is a spooky candle with amazing scent notes! It’s stronger and I can definitely smell the pumpkin and men’s cologne! The label really catches your eye and the orange colouring of this candle is very fitting for fall

Perfect Pumpkin!

This candle is so fitting for the Pumpkin King. It's a manly pumpkin scent, which seems weird to say lol but it totally is! Perfectly warm and woodsy without being overly sweet from the pumpkin.

Pumpkin King of Candles!

This Pumkin King candle is just delicious smelling! The sweet smell of pumpkin with just a hint of mens cologne makes this a great candle to burn all year round- but definitely for Fall!

Mm yum!

Imagine you are out Christmas shopping and in need of something sweet. This candle is what you would smell the second you step into a bakery preparing for starved holiday shoppers. Wisp of pumkpin bread, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin rolls, and with a hint of vanilla cupcakes. Makes your mouth water and wanting a bite!


I bought these for a friend who absolutely loved them! They have been burning them non stop so I may have to buy them a bigger one!

The pumpkin king

This is such a nice pumpkin candle for fall. And when it burns together with the pumpkin queen candle it's the perfect fall coupling


This is a must for every Nightmare Before Christmas and pumpkin fan. It smells delicious! It’s got the sweet scent of pumpkins with the spicy masculine scent that is great for a chilly night in Halloweentown. It captures Jack Skeleton perfectly! Amazing job!

Autumn In A Jar!

This scent is magic. I'm not a card-carrying pumpkin superfan, but man, this is a great autumn scent. It smells like baking on a warm autumn day with the windows open. I love it! The label is super adorable, and the colour is a perfect pumpkin orange. The scent is strong enough to fill my open concept kitchen/living room and this is perfect for lighting on a rainy autumn afternoon when you are curling up with a spooky book and a cup of tea. I usually don't pick out pumpkin scents, but I can see this one going into heavy autumn rotation in my house.

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Delicious Candle!

I love the smell of this candle! It’s the perfect smell for Fall!!

The BEST Christmas tree smell EVER!!

We get a live tree every year and the smell is the best part... but of course, only the room with the tree smells. Well, now my upstairs smells EXACTLY like a live tree and I couldn’t be happier. This is the absolute best smelling tree candle I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a lot! I will definitely be buying more!!

Love this smell!!!

The smell combination in this candle is amazing!!! It's like an earthy/forest smell mixed with mint. Very refreshing

Smells so good!

This candle has a fresh and clean scent. I love it!

One of my all time favs!

I love this candle! Whether you like wine or not, I think you’ll love this scent. It just smells sooo good! You get the wine with the fruit overtones and it just works so well together.