Hayride Candle

Smells like

Hay - Ferns - Bergamot

All aboard the tractor for a ride on bales of hay! Imagine yourself in a quaint little town, corn mazes and pumpkin picking patches galore! This autumn fragrance is a barnyard of fun!

Customer Reviews

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Smells great

Sweet yet subtle, a very pleasant smell.

The Hay Without the Fever

Smells green and fresh like a freshly plowed hay field but without the allergy inducing effects. And for me, that's a win win. Very nice!

Like an October Night in the Woods

I don't smell the hay as much as the ferns and bergamot in this one. It has a nice earthy scent which is like what you smell when you're on a hayride in the middle of the woods.

Perfect Fall scent!

I really don't know what else to say! The title says it all! Such a great, cozy candle to burn on crisp autumn nights!


I really love the scent of this one! It really does bring back cute memories.

Hay never smelled so good!

I really like this candle. It has a hay smell with added extras for a smooth, slightly sweet scent. Two thumbs up!

Autumn perfection

Such a wonderful autumn scent, it really does smell like you’re on a hayride and your senses are being hit with autumn! I have not lit it yet, but I look forward to it!!!

HAY y’all

Is there such thing as fancy hay? I love the mixture of scents in this candle, I didn’t smell the hay right away, but definitely the other scent notes of fern and bergamot. It’s a stronger scenting candle which I love, perfect burn in larger rooms. The colour of this candle is that of hay, but so warm and inviting! I love the background pattern chosen for the label, reminds me of plaid hay! This is a gooder!

Hayride Heaven

I love this candle. The sweet grassy smell of the hay, the fresh greenery of the ferns and the warm scent of the bergamot create an amazing blend.

Like a ride through the orchard

This candle smells exactly like being on a hayride. It is such a comforting smell and probably one of my favourites from this box

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Love it!

I actually already have this one for myself and bought this for a friend! I know she is going to love it, it is so beautifully designed and executed!!!

Fresh and Clean

Not typically a fan of eucalyptus for a candle, the blend with the white tea is actually quite nice. It is soft, clean and fresh and a quiet scent, for lack of a better way to describe it. It is a scent I imagine would be burning in a yoga studio or meditation room. It is really quite enjoyable!

Subtle and Fun!

I enjoy the light scent of this one. I feel champagne is a subtle part of the alcohol world and this candle represents that well! And who doesn’t like a bit of glitter on the top? Gives it that sparkly shine!

Sweet and Beautiful!

I absolutely love the sweet scent notes of this one! It truly makes me think of opening a box of sweet and sugary cereal and taking a whiff! Yum! Also a huge fan of the backwards rainbow layering!!!! It is rounded off perfectly with the simple, yet beautifully effective label. I highly recommend this exclusive candle!

If you want a crisp, bright, pure apple scent, this is the correct candle for you! I absolutely love it- I should have gotten a bigger one!