Mother's Day

Smells like Folded Laundry - Mimosa - Flower Shop - Mocha Latte

Let's Celebrate Mom! For the first woman in our lives, the reason we get to where we're going on time... we salute you! Here's some of your favorite things, inspired by some of the best Mothers we know...

  • Freshly Washed and Folded Laundry
  • Breakfast in Bed, Mimosa included
  • A Trip to the Flower Shop
  • A Mocha Choco Latte to go

...all together, gift-wrapped in a gift wrapped box with tissue paper & adorable description cards, for less than $20! Get this limited time offer on a beautiful set of fragrant candles for your Mother, Mother in Law, Grandmother or that Best Friend of yours that just had their baby!

Each Mother's Day Set is wrapped differently, with no two boxes exactly alike! We here at Dio Candle Company want your gifts to be unique (like you). That's why we decorate your gifts individually, because your gift - should have a personal touch!

Candle Names & Scents

Clean Laundry: An uplifting aroma of warm folded towels and bed sheets

Mimosa: A classy blend of champagne and freshly squeezed oranges

Flower Shop: Delicate lilac mixed with wildflowers from the highway

*Mocha Choco Latte: The energy source of mothers, Mocha Choco Coffee and vanilla

*Mocha Choco Latte has replaced last year's LifeBlood (Hazelnut Latte)

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(March boxes are expected to be delivered between Feb 28th- March 5th)

Though they may not always make the nightly news, our neighbors are incredible! The unsung heroes that help out to keep our day to day lives running seamlessly are the inspiration behind this altruistic theme! Without getting too specific, these integral people in our society can be found in neighborhoods and communities all over the world!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect gift

I bought 3 of these sets for Mother’s Day. What a great deal they come beautifully wrapped and I have no doubts that my mom, grandmother and godmother will go crazy for them. I just hope I can hold on to them until May I’m so tempted to give them away now.

Beautiful packaging

Each candle in the Mother’s box comes wrapped individually and then the 4 candles are put in a box and sealed in a paper ribbon. The first one I picked was clean laundry and it just happened to be laundry day so I got a giggle out of this! I love the themes, the variety of sizes and especially the customer service

My mother and I always have Mimosas!

I had to get this set because of the mimosa scented candle, and I love it so much! I cant wait to give it to my mom! The other scents are really nice too. I think she will like Clean Laundry the best! Thank you! The packaging is super cute!


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Subscription box sales, once shipped, are final. Any damaged candles will be replaced by Dio Candle Company. Subscription purchases of 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month intervals will be refunded at a pro-rated price for any unshipped remaining boxes.

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★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1592 reviews

Smells exactly as it should with a hint of vanilla thrown in. I loved this candle the moment I smelled it. AH-MAZING!

Simply Enchanting

This scent is growing on me. Like, I really like it. The lemon adds a very interesting twist to the rose and the cream, but it's all very well balanced. Smells lovely!

So Sweet

OMG I LOVE this candle! All of these wonderful scents combined just creates a candle that's... UGH. SO GOOD. Perfect for Valentine's Day (or if you just wanna spoil her, honestly). XD

Light and Subtle

I think the violet and rose stands out in this one, but it's a very subtle scent. Nice and light. I bought this as a 'Just Because' gift for my youngest sister, whose favorite Disney Princess/Movie is Cinderella and she loves it.


I'm a sucker for most scents with vanilla in it, but my GOODNESS does this candle just perfectly capture the smell of a crackling fire! I absolutely love it! Burn this while reading and it's the perfect cozy spot!