Plot Twist Candle

Scent: Lemon - Lime - Clementine

Smells like

Lemon - Lime - Clementine

Exciting and invigorating, plot twists have made their mark on literature as the radical change you don't see coming! This citrus explosion is a surprise of sweet and tangy! A scent so fresh, you wont believe it til you try it!

Customer Reviews

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I feel like the tides are turning for me lol. On a more serious note, the smell of this candle works well with cold nights and reading.


I hate giving a bad review, but the candles I purchased from Dio did not produce a scent. We tried so hard and in different rooms and even in my daughter’s small apartment. No scent, or scent so light that it didn’t seem like a candle was burning. The owners kindly sent wax tarts, but they were crumbly and not good quality. I’m very sorry. I love to see small businesses succeed, but I cannot give a false review.

Dear Shannon, Thank you for your purchase, we are sorry you were disappointed in your experience. We did try to troubleshoot your scent throw issues with your open concept structure and cathedral ceilings by replacing your entire purchase with our wax tarts that break apart into 6 cubes each and are sorry that this solution did not work for you and your unique situation. We would never ask any customer to leave a false review. We believe in transparency which is why we will not hide your review like other companies have been known to do. Though we do aim for 100% customer satisfaction, scented items from any company are subjective to each individual’s sensitivity and we understand that we cannot please everyone. We hope that you find another company that will be able to scent your home to your satisfaction. Best of luck and warmest regards, Dio Candle Co.

Another great citrus scent! I love it! I am a big fan of book themed candles and hope to see more in the future! The colours are so fun on this one and the label is spot on!!!


Such a refreshing scent with the perfect addition of sweet!


This candle surprised me, it was very fragrant but not too strong.


This is great candle. The smell is subtle and not overpowering. Very light and fresh.

A fruity twist!

A lovely candle with a great scent! Quick shipping and a great overall candle, as always!

Super refreshing

Wow! This candle makes my mouth water. It smells exactly like fresh citrus and it is amazing. It was not what I was expecting when I saw the label and color of the candle, but I couldn’t be happier!

Dun Dun Duunnn!!

This candle is my favourite from the book worm box. The tang smell you get from using these citrus fruits is amazing. And plot twists can be some of the best things that happen, but also the worst, but this is an fantastic plot twist! And clementines are in my top 5 favourite fruits, so yaaas!

What a Twist

When I saw the label and color, I was expecting a darker scent profile but the twist...citrus. The lime smell is so strong but so fresh. I love the marbled colors and that label is hypnotizing.

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Delicious Candle!

I love the smell of this candle! It’s the perfect smell for Fall!!

The BEST Christmas tree smell EVER!!

We get a live tree every year and the smell is the best part... but of course, only the room with the tree smells. Well, now my upstairs smells EXACTLY like a live tree and I couldn’t be happier. This is the absolute best smelling tree candle I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a lot! I will definitely be buying more!!

Love this smell!!!

The smell combination in this candle is amazing!!! It's like an earthy/forest smell mixed with mint. Very refreshing

Smells so good!

This candle has a fresh and clean scent. I love it!

One of my all time favs!

I love this candle! Whether you like wine or not, I think you’ll love this scent. It just smells sooo good! You get the wine with the fruit overtones and it just works so well together.