Video Store Candles and Wax Melts

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Now your home can smell like an old time video store! No need to rewind, and forget about late fees - these candles are for keeps. Wafts of buttered popcorn mixed with a dusty carpet aroma and just a hint of stale candy will awaken memories long lost.

Scent Profile: Popcorn - Carpet - VHS

• Top Notes: Butter, Carpet Fibers, Dust, Sugar
• Mid Notes: Popcorn, VHS Box
• Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood


Customer Reviews

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Awesome gift

Smells like a very nice not to overpowering butter popcorn mixed with a smell I can only describe store. Very nice.

Smells just like that Blockbuster you used to visit on a Friday night!

My boyfriend and I watched The Last Blockbuster documentary on Netflix and it got us feeling nostalgic. We started talking about the smell which eventually led us to wonder if anyone thought about making a candle, googled it and stumbled upon this Video Store candle. It smells exactly like a Blockbuster, it’s crazy. Closing my eyes with the smell really took me back. Awesome.

Brings back good memories!

These wax melts smell just like I walked into the video store! Scent lasts for awhile and the quality is solid! Will be ordering more scents right away.

An unexpected scent

I bought the Video Store candle and I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as I opened it I was thrown back to 1997 and browsing my local video store. The accuracy of the smell was spot on. It was then I decided to buy more scents. So far all of my scents have been high quality and last a longer time than most wax melts I have used.

Smells just like my childhood!!!

This candle smells EXACTLY like Blockbuster (for better or worse). So much nostalgia in just one little candle! I love it; this smell brings me right back to Friday nights growing up

So great!

This smells like the atmosphere in a video store: the carpet, the anticipation of the adventure that is awaiting you while you search for it. The snacks you grab to round out your night. True nostalgia!


I can’t get over how nostalgic I get with this one. It reminds me of my first boyfriend’s mom taking us to rent a movie. It’s like popcorn and carpet cleaner - you wouldn’t think it would smell so good but it’s a total trip down memory lane and it smells even better burning!

So much fun!!

The video store wax melt is so unique and so much fun. Customer service is amazing, really enjoyed buying from this company!

Wax melts

Smells like popcorny candy goodness. Wish the scent was a little stronger when melting but they smell great.
Customer service was great after a lost shipment and email miscommunication, they replaced my lost wax melts and they arrived quickly!

Be Kind Rewind

I miss the excitement of wandering through a blockbuster to find a vhs to rent! I used to love browsing the bad 80’s horror section! This candle smells like a flashback. Who thought stale popcorn, sticky candy, and carpet powder would smell not only nostalgic, but really Good too!

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4506 reviews

Another amazing scent! This immediately caught my attention and I couldn’t resist anything about it! Another one of my favorites added to my already long list! Upon first sniff it brought me back to the days of enjoying sherbet as a kid! Smells Exactly like it tastes! I will absolutely be getting this in a larger size!


Cream soda has to be one of my favorite flavors & this candle is spot on to the real thing! The creaminess is absolutely divine & I can’t get enough of its nostalgic goodness!

Peachy Princess

Princess and a giant peach!👑 🍑 I love this one a lot! It reminds me of taking a bite out of a warm peach on a hot summer day or a yummy peach cobbler!

So cute!

I love banana flavors a lot & of course unicorns! I think this candle is just lovely!
Everything about it down to the glitter is a nice touch✨


I’ve always been drawn to anything eucalyptus & spearmint flavored and this scent is a perfect combo of the two! I really love the chosen name and the packaging is beautiful!