White Rabbit Candle

Scent: Cotton - Carrot - Tea Cakes

Smells like

Cotton - Carrot - Tea Cakes

This rabbit won’t be late to his tea party! He’s freshly showered and fluffed to perfection! A mainly cotton top note with hints of tea and carrot cake, lemon cakes and fresh cut grass!

Customer Reviews

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I’m late, I’m late..

This candle smells delicious!! It has the spicy scent of carrot cake with a light cotton scent.


The spices in this candle are right up my alley. I smell nutmeg which is one of my favourite scents. It actually makes me think of Fall and it is perfect. I love that the rabbits pocket watch is on the label! Give me all the Alice candles!!!!

So fresh and so cleaaannn!

Let me just start off by saying how excited I was about this candle when I first saw the scent notes. I mean, cotton, carrot and tea cakes?!?! That sounds like everything I love. When I received White Rabbit in the mail and gave it a whiff, I was surprised to find out that on cold sniff it smelled like straight up cotton that is just fresh out of the dryer. I wasn't getting any of the sweetness from the carrot and tea cakes. After burning this bad boy though, I realized what a true wizard Natasha really is because once lit, you can totally pick up the carrot cake AS WELL AS the cotton. Everything blends together beautifully in a fresh yet sweet smell. The overall aroma is on the more subtle side but it just seems to work for this candle. I am totally in love!

Afternoon Tea

This is a tea party in a jar. The cotton, the tea and the carrot go so well together, making this such a great fresh and clean scent, with a delicate touch of sweetness. Perfection!

family favorite

of all of the dio candles i have brought to my mother, white rabbit is by far her favorite. she discovered it after i purchased one of my first (but far from last) dio candle sets off of amazon. it was the alice in wonderland set (favorite disney character). she smelled white rabbit at my house and asked to take it - which she never does. when seeing i could get a larger jar AND it was on sale, i had to get one for my mom. it is burning in her south jersey home regularly and to this day i don’t think i’ve ever brought her another scent (from ANY candle brand) that she enjoys more!!!


When I smelt this candle for the first time I was so surprised. It really smells amazing. It's not your typical clean, fresh scent. There is also a hint of carrot...which is completely perfect for the white rabbit! I absolutely love this candle.

how does she do it?

Another favourite of mine, reluctant to burn this one too because of how amazing it smells! After taking the lid off you can imagine the white rabbit hopping away with his pocketwatch :) brilliant creation would recommend to anyone, I'm certain the other scents would be just as fantastic! Thank you :)

Lovely clean scent

My daughter bought this for me because she knows I love clean scents. I usually get a headache when I walk into candle shops from all the fragrances, but this is beautiful, light and just a bit spicy. Will definitely be ordering some of my own from this shop very soon!

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Spooky good!

This is my favorite out of the This is Halloween box. I love the sweet smell of the marshmallows mixed with the smoke and fog scents. Plus I love the label on this candle.

Hay never smelled so good!

I really like this candle. It has a hay smell with added extras for a smooth, slightly sweet scent. Two thumbs up!


I love the mystery aspect of this candle. My scent was Spice Cabinet. It smells of cinnamon and something else I can’t place. Overall a great scent.

So yummy!!

This candle smells good enough to eat. The pumpkin smell is balanced nicely with the waffles, syrup and pecans. I definitely recommend this candle!!

Sweet and spicy

I love the spicy smell of the root beer and the sweet smell of the ice cream. Smell exactly like a root beer float!