221b Baker Street Candle

56 reviews

Size: 8oz Candle
Sale price$28.99


Scent Profile: Tobacco - Espresso - Newspaper

• Top Notes: Newspaper, Tobacco
• Mid Notes: Espresso, Amber, Leather
• Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Musk

Light the 221b Baker Street Candle and experience the mystery of Sherlock Holmes! Let the scents of London air, pipe tobacco, newspaper and espresso fill the air, transporting you to the iconic home of literature's most famous detective. Indulge yourself and unlock the mysteries of 221b Baker Street!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews

the candles are wonderful! Theyre abt the size of a tealight but twice as tall, really do smell like books

Jay (Laurel, MD)
Great Scent!

I've found yet another favorite from dio! Newspaper is the predominant scent and its similar to their Newspaper scent but the Baker Street scent has a stronger throw which I really enjoyed! The tobacco scent is also prominent which balances the newspaper scent very well. Highly recommend.

Adriel R. (Lynchburg, VA)
221 Baker Street

I absolutely love this candle, the scent reminds me perfectly of my Grandfather's study when I was little. He loved to smoke his pipe while reading the paper and drinking his black coffee and this candle is a perfect combination of those three things to smell like fond memories of my childhood. Will definitely be buying this scent again.

A. (Fountain, CO)

Smells like a weekend morning of my childhood. Such comfort.

Lucy U. (Saint Cloud, MN)

This candle is an interesting one because it doesn't smell like anything I can pinpoint specifically which makes the scent seem strange, but it's not bad. The cold throw is a light, sweet, almost tangy smell with some warmth. The hot throw is about the same but a bit more caramelly. Thank you!

Mary E.M. (Wenonah, NJ)
I love this scent!

A friend recommended Dio Candle Company to me and I am hooked. 221b Baker Street smells exactly like what I hoped it would with leather and tobacco notes. I love the way that when the wax melts are melted, you get completely different notes than you do when they’re solid. These melts are so different and amazing and make my home smell like I’ve got something really cool going on when I’m just hanging out.

Jeffery L. (Thorofare, NJ)
Like being a fly on the wall of Sherlock's place

So fun to imagine being there and smelling these smells. I knew I would enjoy this, love coffee, tobacco and leather smells. This is different and more subtle than the bookstore scent, but in a nice way. Just different, masculine, and musky but not like cologne. The thing I Love about Dio Candle Co. there candles are layered well, and really take you away to different places. Typical candles are just straight scents that feel like they are made to mask a smell. These I burn because I genuinely enjoy the depth of the scent profiles, what they make me think of and/or remind me of. You really tapped into something with all the nostalgic scents for sure!

Nick (Cranston, RI)
So Good!

Such a unique and delightful scent! My friends and family said they have never smelt anything this good come out of a candle. One of my favorites!

SL (Jackson, MI)
Smells great

Ordered the wax melts. This smells amazing. It's probably my favorite of those I ordered so far!

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Sweet and Manly

OMG the tobacco and espresso are balanced SO NICELY in this candle! It has a some definite sweetness and the espresso is first with the tobacco coming in behind it (or the other way around? I've never actually smelled tobacco on its own...). Very yummy!

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