Banana Split Ice Cream Candle

Smells like

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream - Cherry - Fudge

We mixed in all your scoops and blended them together perfectly to bring you this chocolatey-banana fragrance with a cherry heart on top, and just to add some extra pizzazz we drizzled a mess of hot fudge scented wax on top! Enjoy your favorite summer indulgence whenever you like!

This premium fragrance is available in 3 candle sizes and wax tart form 

8oz Candles last 55-70 hours
4oz Candles last 30-50 hours
1oz Candles last 11-15 hours
2.75oz Wax Tart cubes can be re-melted 2x

Proudly handmade with 100% vegan soy wax!
Fills room with scent in any size!

Never leave lit candles or melting wax tarts unattended.
Do not burn for longer than 3 hours at time.
For more tips click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So Good!

All of the Dio ice cream scents are amazing. This one is a perfect banana split, and I love it. It took me awhile to work up the will to light because the little cherry heart on top was so gorgeous I didn’t want to wreck it, but I’m glad I did because man my house smelled amazing ! I can’t wait to try more of the ice cream scents.

Actually smells good!

I got this after seeing the name and was really surprised it smells good! You can smell each ingredient- banana, chocolate, cherries. It’s great! Buying this in a larger size soon!


You will want to eat this candle! But, you know, don't! Instead sniff, sniff, sniiiiffff and light it and let the deliciousness aroma fill the room. The cute little red heart inside the candle is the cherry on top of a great candle!

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★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

★★★★★ Over 1,000 5 STAR Reviews

1758 reviews
Childhood Memories

Firstly, seeing this candle brought back so many memories. I can remember watching Toy Story as a kid and how fun it was to pretend that the toys were alive. Secondly this candle surprised me with how much I loved its unique scent combination. Cedar and Lime is not something I would normally mix together, but IT WORKS! The cedar is definitely the predominant scent with the lime giving a sweet kick of citrus at the end. I'd even go so far as to say that this was my favourite candle in this months adorable monthly.

Absolutely Marvel-ous

I pretty much freaked out when I saw this beautiful candle in my adorable monthly box. Captain Marvel is a new favourite and I think this candle captures her perfectly. The perfume like scent is subtle yet strong enough to stand on its own. And I adore the beautiful yellow color that was chosen to represent this super hero.

Night at the Movies

I want to eat this candle. It smells absolutely fantastic. The initial kick of buttered popcorn is spot on and the little dash of vanilla at the end is the perfect amount of a sweet and savory mix. The label is adorable and reminds me of the old movie intermissions.

Sugary Sweet

This candle is everything that it implies. It's sweet and sugary with an almost fruity scent. I love the bubble gum purple color. Anyone with a sweet tooth needs this beauty in their life!

Love the Yellow!!!

This candle smells like a flower farm on a spring day. It is not an overpowering flowery scent (which I am thankful for), but very pleasant. I love the yellow (there are not enough yellow candles in my opinion) and the glitter!!!!! So lovely!!! The label is so soft and warm and I adore it