Book Crush Candle

16 reviews

Size: 8oz Candle
Sale price$23.99


Scent Profile: Musk - Amber Cologne

• Top Notes: Bergamot, Pineapple, Papaya
• Mid Notes: Violet, Nutmeg
• Base Notes: Amber Resin, Musk

Crush like never before with our Book Crush Candle! An alluring musky amber cologne blends with a romantic scent to inspire a passionate connection. Light this candle to declare your admiration and create an unforgettable moment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Molly T.
Great with your fav book

I’m actually burning this one right now for the first time, it’s fantastic and I’m enjoying the mix of scents. Has a good throw.

Lucy U. (Saint Cloud, MN)
Another Nostalgic Candle

The Gilbert Blythe book crush pillow is back for another photo! This candle didn't smell like what I was expecting but I love it. The cold throw reminds me very much of my grandma and her house because she wore Daisy by Marc Jacobs and used a lot of Aveda products, so she and her house smelled really nice. The hot throw is about the same but a little more leafy. I can't visit Grandma's house ever again so I like being able to have this candle as a little memory. Thanks!

Suzy (Billings, MT)
I smell Jamie!!

This candle smells exactly how I would picture Jamie smelling. The cologne and musk scents give the candle masculinity, but is not overbearing, which is probably due to the mix of Amber. Can you bottle sexy in a candle. Yes. Yes you can!

Madison G. (Winchester, IN)
My favorite so far!

Out of the 6 melts I ordered this is my favorite!! As much as I want to believe Lannister’s smell a lot worse than this... I can’t deny it smells AMAZING and a lot less like betrayal than I imagined it would.

The King Slayer's got it going on

I haven't gotten far enough into GoT to fully appreciate Jamie's misunderstoodness, but I don't even care with how great this candle smells. King Slayer is a very masculine smelling candle, but it's not over power, it's just good.


The scent of this candle is EVERYTHING! It reminds me of Autumn around Halloween time for some reason. To me it smells like walking into an antique shop or something; what I imagine what it would smell like walking into a shop in Diagon Ally lol I never thought I'd really like a musky scented candle, but I am in love with it! I find it very cozy, perfect for a rainy day.

Royally Fabulous

This was my second favorite scent in the bunch. It has a very unique aroma which has such interesting notes that it is perfect to burn any time of year. While there are musky tones to it, it reminds me of the SLYTHERIN candle in that it has an almost perfume quality to it that really lingers while you burn it.


I absolutely LOVE Jamie as a misunderstood character and I was beyond excited to see he had a candle! It's a really nice masculine smell and not overpowering at all. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, this is for you.


This scent is amazing and very masculine! It's smell like strength and power!! Love it!!!

Musky Lannister

Light this candle while watching Game of Thrones and you will feel like you're in King's Landing. I love the tones of musk and amber together. If you love Jaime and his misunderstood self, this candle is for you!

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