But First Coffee Candle

48 reviews

Size: 8oz Candle
Sale price$23.99


Scent Profile: Coffee Bean - Vanilla

• Top Notes: Coffee Bean
• Mid Notes: Brewed Espresso, Sugar
• Base Notes: Vanilla

Experience a blissful caffeinated escape with our But First Coffee Candle. Infused with aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans and warm vanilla, it's the perfect way to focus and energize!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Carrie R. (Nashville, TN)
The best conversation!

I was subjected to a challenge brought on by my amazing husband, with his brother. I saw it said to text them, So I did. I am so glad! We had a great laugh, decided on a custom label, and I got a great suggestion on a Netflix series I absolutely needed to watch!!! Then when ordering I saw my order was not eligible for the bonus it claimed it was but it wouldn't let me remove it either .. I figured it would drop off in processing. NOPE, just because it said I got it, they sent it! Could not give enough stars for this company!!! Oh and besides the "but first, Coffee", you gotta get "Saturday morning cartoons"... We are sold on that sent alone! Visually perfect and scent is dead on! I got "Bookstore" for my best friend and well, BUYER BEWARE... When it says it smells like something... It totally does! The scent of leather and paper is so overwhelming I was shocked!

Gayle (Mesquite, TX)

A little pricey but mmmm mmmm so many compliments


It smells great. I'm burning it now.

Lisa L.A. (Allen, TX)
Over the Moon Pleased!!

Not only are the products completely perfect, the order process, the communication, the personal touches- all have created such a wonderful customer experience! We all need to take a few lessons from companies like this on how to make your customers feel special and important!! We will definitely be ordering products again in the future! Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

Veronica F.

This is the most real coffee candle I have ever smelled that’s just coffee, plain. Everyone else's is too sweet but Dio's is just right.

Robert T. (San Francisco, CA)
Best Scented Candles!

Every candle smells exactly like the scent that is described. I will definitely be ordering more!

Lucy U. (Saint Cloud, MN)
One Happy Barista

I grew up smelling coffee all the time because of my parents and started drinking it myself once I got older. I'm a barista now but I've gotten used to the smell at work, so this candle is nice to have at home. The cold throw is like the coffee scent when you walk into Barnes & Noble, which I absolutely love and have always wanted as a candle. It also smells like the flavored coffee powder I would drink at my grandma's house. One of my sisters said this is how a coffee candle should smell. The hot throw is about the same but more like actual coffee in a cup with sugar. Thank you!

susan h. (Kingman, AZ)
pleasure abounds

your product and spirit in communications are superb. They both take me to another place,a place of relaxation and hope for the future. the product itself is excellent. the spirit behind it is also excellent and refreshing to read .I wish you and your shop the best for the future.

Julie M. (Ontario, CA)
Coffee, Yummy

Love this, smells like a coffee bar.

KW (Chicago, IL)

But First Coffee Candles or Wax Melts

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