Caramel Apple Spice Candle

Scent: Hot Apple Cider - Caramel - Cinnamon

Smells like

Hot Apple Cider - Caramel - Cinnamon

Inspired by your favorite cafe's latte, this signature fall scent is spiced apple, rich caramel and warm whiffs of cinnamon! Sweet, sensual, and spicy, everything you love about Autumn in one delicious fragrance!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
It was okay

It was more spice than apple or caramel. I was hoping for more of a balance. But it didn't smell bad. The throw on this one isn't as strong as my other Dio Candles. I'm not sure if I'd buy it again, however, I don't regret buying it this time.

Fall favorite

This candle makes the home really feel like a fall kitchen or a fair. It made us want to whip up a batch of caramel apples.


This candle is all my favourite things, poured into one adorable jar. I've never encountered a better rendered apple scented candle, and the caramel and spices really take it over the top! I'm going to need to get this in a larger size, because with how much I love the tiny one, I know it isn't going to last long!

Perfect autumn candle !

For me this is the most perfect autumn candle ! Unfortunately i burned it almost to the end on the day i got it, so now i just ordered the very adorable size ! i cannot recommend this enough !

Shut up and take my money!

Resisting the urge to stab the candle with a stick and take a bite! Deliciously edible smelling!
And all the spices immediately make me want thanksgiving desserts. Warning - this candle will ruin your diet!

Just like Starbucks

This is my favorite seasonal drink and when I found this candle I was so excited! It smells just like it, so I can enjoy it even in the off season. Thank you!

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Smells great

Sweet yet subtle, a very pleasant smell.

Loooove me some ginger ale!

This is quite possibly the cutest game controller I have ever seen!!! And how fun that you can personalize? The scent on this one is perfect because I am a huge ginger ale fan! I don’t know how but you can smell the carbonation (maybe that’s the zesty coming through?!?) It’s incredible and the yellow wax is the perfect fit!!

This is such a pretty candle! The scent is light, airy and peachy, with some rich cream notes underneath. I highly recommend this one if you love fruity or dessert scented candles.

There are a few Dio scents that use a similar vanilla scent and I always fall head over heels for them. It's rich, warm, sexy and a little masculine. Perfect for the theme of this candle.

Sparkling Ginger Ale

Bubbly and enticing! Dio makes the BEST soda scented candles. I've tried three now, and they are instant favourites. I'd buy a full line of soda scents happily. You can even smell the tingly carbonation!