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Great company!

This company is a great company to buy from their customer service is great. On top of that my wax melts smell fantastic. Will be ordering again!

Patiently waiting

According to the USPS tracking, my candles have been at the Denver post office since 1/9. 😒

Thank you so much for this notification and for your patience! We checked tracking on your order and USPS has updated it on 1-23-21 as status 'in transit, arriving late'. We're sorry for this experience and have issued you a gift card for your kind patience during this delay..

Perfect Winter Scent

I didn't think a temperature could come with the scent of a candle, but my nose gets a cooling sensation when I take a whiff. It's so fresh and icy. You ever smell something and it reminds you about a time in your life? This one takes me back to playing in the snow with my siblings, making snow forts, just having fun.

Am I on a tropical vacation?

This is one of the smells of Summer. I don't know what it is about coconut, but I want to be on the beach with a big ol' drink in my hand. Excuse me, I have a vacation to plan now...

Fancy scent!

I feel like I need to be dressed in my Holiday best to light this one. It's such a pretty scent, like a nice Christmas party. It's the perfect mix of fruit and spice.

Chocolate Happy Birthday Candle - Cake - Fudge Scented Soy - Dio Candle Company

Chocolate Happy Birthday Candles and Wax Melts

Birthdays are meant to be decadent, like rich chocolate cake and double fudge icing! Celebrate your birthday in all the chocolatey goodness one candle can pack!

Personalize your label for FREE or leave the personalization field empty to default " Happy Birthday!"

Scent Profile: Chocolate Cake - Fudge Icing

• Top Notes: Fudge, Cream, Sugar
• Mid Notes: Milk Chocolate
• Base Notes: Cake

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Chocolate Lovers Dream