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Have you heard? Bookish is the new sexy! But while social trends are fleeting, babes who read have ALWAYS been sexy. This decadent chocolate covered strawberry scent with background notes of perfume and roses is just the thing romance lover's fancy!

Scent Profile: Chocolate Strawberries

• Top Notes: Ripe Strawberry
• Mid Notes: Rose, Carnation
• Base Notes: Chocolate Cream


Customer Reviews

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Love this one!

I absolutely love this candle! The scent on this one is so yummy! It has a nice, even burn too, which is nice! I definitely want to buy this as a full sized candle!


This candle smells so amazing you would think you are actually eating chocolate covered strawberries. It’s my absolute favourite candle to date!

Librarians love chocolate covered strawber...

Librarians love chocolate covered strawberries and apparently that makes me a librarian! Love this candle’s scent - it’s so rich and makes my mouth water! Just smelling it makes me want some chocolate covered strawberries!

So Sweet

OMG I LOVE this candle! All of these wonderful scents combined just creates a candle that's... UGH. SO GOOD. Perfect for Valentine's Day (or if you just wanna spoil her, honestly). XD

True love

What is your definition of true love? If it is chocolate, strawberries, roses, and books, then this candle is the candle for you. It smells sweet and chocolatey with a hint of floral and it is the perfect combination.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Have you read the scent notes descriptions though ? They are spot on! This candle smells like chocolate, strawberries, roses, perfumes and books! What’s not to love? Ooooh and the perfect red color just adds more awesomeness!

The perfect equation for Love

This is such a sleek and sexy candle. It is the perfect combination for love. The bittersweet smell of chocolate meshes so well with the fresh roses and sweet strawberries and throw in the smell of books and I am sold. I love the red color and the labels just get better and better.


I know there are a lot of scents going on here but I mostly smell chocolate covered strawberries and it's divine! I love the name and theme of this candle because bookish girl are babes! Reading expands the mind and what's sexier than a smart, well-read woman? The deep lipstick red wax just makes this candle that much better.

A Seductive Scent

Seriously, this candle is trying to seduce me and I’m not ashamed to say that it is working. The chocolate and strawberry scents dominate and that’s okay because hot damn does this smell good! Guess I’ll have to add this one to the ever growing list of Dio Candles that I’ll have to order again. At least when I go broke from buying all of them my shanty by the river will smell divine.

It’s choxolate without the calories.

The first thing I notice is the chocolate scent. It makes me crave chocolate just smelling it. It smells so good and it’s so true, bookish has always been sexy! I know what I’ll be smelling when I need a chocolate fix in the middle of the night!

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4507 reviews
Favorite floral

I'm not usually big on floral candles because they're generally too sweet smelling. Not this one. I love this one so very much. It's not perfumey or cloying. I feel like it smells like a real Lilac bush. Love it so much I have a big one for home and small ones for my desk at work.


Another amazing scent! This immediately caught my attention and I couldn’t resist anything about it! Another one of my favorites added to my already long list! Upon first sniff it brought me back to the days of enjoying sherbet as a kid! Smells Exactly like it tastes! I will absolutely be getting this in a larger size!


Cream soda has to be one of my favorite flavors & this candle is spot on to the real thing! The creaminess is absolutely divine & I can’t get enough of its nostalgic goodness!

Peachy Princess

Princess and a giant peach!👑 🍑 I love this one a lot! It reminds me of taking a bite out of a warm peach on a hot summer day or a yummy peach cobbler!

So cute!

I love banana flavors a lot & of course unicorns! I think this candle is just lovely!
Everything about it down to the glitter is a nice touch✨