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Scent: Fabric Softener - Nag Champa

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Fabric Softener - Nag Champa

This psychedelic inspired fragrance of fresh fabric softener with the unmistakable incense smell of Nag Champa is loved by concert go-ers of all ages! You don’t have to be a flower child to rock the tie-dye, it looks great with any decor!

Customer Reviews

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So fresh, so clean

The colors in this candle are SO pretty! Prepare yourself to be invigorated by a clean smell once lit. I want to live in this scent forever. I purchased the adorable size and it packs such a mighty punch.


Burning this one makes me feel like I’m getting away with something. In the 90’s I’d sneak away to go to the dimly lit T-shirt shop my parents forbade me to shop in because they disapproved of the band’s T-shirt’s I would buy and hide. The scent reminds me of digging through bins of 2$ buttons with random anarchy symbols and band logos.


This candle is my favourite from the Summer Nights box. I’m in love with the fresh laundry smell that it has, and the label is perfection!

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My Childhood Saturday Mornings in a Candle

Where has this candle been all my adult life? This was my Saturday mornings as a kid. Overflowing bowl of cereal, causing a milk ring on the coffee table while I devoured hours of cartoons. There are no two ways about it, this candle is a perfect scent match for Fruit Loops cereal. The fruitiness and that over the top tang that is sweet and addictive, is a match to every bowl of these sugary treats I've ever eaten. And we can't not talk about the adorable tie dye colouring. Just like the mixing colors of fruit loop cereal. You need this candle in your life!

Summer TBR

This candle reminds me of reading out on my back porch. The floral tone definitely comes through the loudest. Underneath though, there is a subtle musk that helps to smooth everything out. Here's to reading away summer days and attempting to finish that never ending TBR pile. ;)

Now I Want A Vacation

I'm constantly in awe of how perfect every candle, Natasha and Mike make, is. This candle has me longing for a vacation. To walk into a clean hotel room and curl up in freshly pressed sheets. There is nothing quite like that feeling, but this candle captures it perfectly. The lemon and sandalwood combination are peaceful and calming and everything I could use right now.

Made for Me

I'm head over heels in love with this candle. It is absolute perfection. The creamy coconut and cinnamon are a combination of two of my favourite things, and this candle straight up smells like Fall. Also, first souvenir ever with my name on it!

I love this

This was such a treat to see a candle with my name on it. I squealed and had a moment when I opened my package and the scent is just perfect! This candle was a real surprise and a definite treat!