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Scent: Cuban Tobacco - Humidor - Cherry - Clove

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Cuban Tobacco - Humidor - Cherry - Clove

Cuban cigars are arguably the worlds’ finest rolled tobacco! This masculine fragrance is accented by spicy clove and sweet cherry to round out the unmistakable aroma of a fresh cigar straight out of a luxurious humidor!

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Great Father's Day Candle

I bought this for an early Father's Day present and it smells awesome! Going to keep the smaller one for myself and re-order the larger size for Dad. He loves cigars and this smells just like his favorite cigar bar

Half of my heart is in Havanna

This was my favourite candle I received this month. It has a beautiful blend of sweet and spicy and smoky. I absolutely can't get enough of it, and need to get this one in the super adorable size.

So Good

I’m generally not a fan of tobacco scented anything, and I hate the smell of lit cigars, but I didn’t get any of that from this candle. I can’t find anything not to love about it. It’s just my kind of scent - sweet, but not cloying. Really good combination of scents. Would recommend.

Masculine And Smoky

This is a nice masculine scent, smoky, yet with sweet notes. It's not really my personal thing, hence the 4 star rating, but it is still a really nice scent. I like the cherry notes, and the colour and label are perfect for this candle. It reminds me of my Grandpa, who loved a good cigar.

Not a Tobacco Fan - Still liked it

I am not a fan of tobacco smells, but this managed to have the essence of cigar smell without the bitterness I associate with smoking. I think anyone without my history with smokers would really enjoy it. Personally it is not my first choice but it will make for a nice change of pace in my wife's collection. I may light it if I want to write a particularly smokey scene.

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Such a fun prop!

I received this as an extra in my Adorable Monthly Box and man am I happy I have it. Not only is it a functional bottle opener, but it’s also a cool bookstagram prop. I’m getting good use out of this little guy!

Luau in a Jar!

This is such a bright, sweet, bold scent. If you love sweet pineapple, this is definitely the candle for you. Relax, light this candle and imagine you’re drinking a tropical drink on a beach somewhere for an instant vacation.


This is perfect. It has a lovely, sweet, complex tea scent, and a gorgeous label. Perfect for a warm summer’s afternoon. I swear I can smell almost a hint of peach too it too, which makes me love it more.


This is such a wonderful citronella candle. Cute name ? Check. Adorable label? Check. Perfect citronella smell that doesn’t smell chemically or fake? Check! I love this. I’ll be buying one every summer.

I’m Honestly Mad About How Much I Love This

The title says it all. It’s so good. So good it makes me mad because now I have to say I’m a Hipster Salsa lover. If you pick one scent for summer, get this one. It’s fresh, it’s fruity, it’s not too sweet, heck I swear you can smell how tangy it would taste. It’s such a beautiful deep red too. Love it.