Dew Soda Candle

11 reviews

Size: 8oz Candle
Sale price$23.99


Scent Profile: Citrus Soda

• Top Notes: Fizz, Citrus
• Mid Notes: Lemon, Lime
• Base Notes: Dry Musk

Light up your space with the refreshing scent of Dew Soda! Its zesty citrus blend will take you back to carefree summer days, without the sugar or calories. Enjoy the fizzy fragrance of your favorite beverage any time, guilt-free!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Hannah R. (Denver, CO)
Just what I expected!

The candles came very timely and were super cute. Exactly what I expected. I got them as gifts for friends and the scents matched exactly as described.

jason d. (Los Angeles, CA)

Not even a Mt Dew drinker but love the smell of the green liquid gold and this candle totally captures it. The fizz flavor really comes through and makes a room smell fresh

A.B. (Acworth, GA)
Mountain Dew!

Another scent knocked out of the park!!! Mountain Dew was one of my main drinks growing up and getting the chance to have it as a candle makes it so much better!!!

default_firstname d. (Hopewell Junction, NY)

I LOVE these candles!! I would DEFINITELY purchase them again!

Loni (Penticton, BC)
Do the Dew!

Mountain Dew isn't one of my favorite drinks, but this candle is definitely a new fav. It's got that citrusy punch that is iconic to mountain dew. And I swear you can smell the fizzy bubbles. Absolutely incredible candle.

Tammy (Brampton, ON)
Soda candles are awesome

I am truly loving these soda scents! I don’t know how Natasha does it, but she hit this one out of the park as well! It’s a very nice citrus scent and I am here for it!

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)
You can even smell the fizz!

Firstly, the label is so frigging adorable! The scent profile is dead on for the scent of the pop (soda) I smell it and I think Mountain Dew. It smells delicious!

Nichelle (Vernon, BC)
Do the Dew!

Okay. This is such a weird but incredible candle. This is the high end version of the actual soda. It has a gorgeous green colour, as opposed to the soda, and it has a really refreshing citrus note to it. With the carbonation (yes it smells fizzy) it’s a perfect blend.

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Mountain Dew

I remember when I used to drink this, and the scent of it has been captured beautifully in this candle that I don't mind the smell of it, just the taste of the actual product! XD

Aidan (St. Petersburg, FL)
Awesome scent!

This smells JUST like mountain dew! Really fresh, citrus scent - looking forward to lighting it!

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