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Cinnamon - Butter - Sugar

Size: 8 oz Candle
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This colloquialism refers to a person of good moral nature. They are always helping in their communities whenever there is need. This over-the-top blend of sugar and spice and everything nice stands out among the crowd, just like Good People do!

Scent Profile: Cinnamon - Butter - Sugar

• Top Notes: Sugar, Powder
• Mid Notes: Butter, Cinnamon
• Base Notes: Flakey Crust, Vanilla Bean

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Customer Reviews

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Katara T. (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Smells like comfort

I got this candle as a free gift with my Video Store candle and it smells so cozy! Reminds me of fall; and really strong for a lil candle! Love it

Mona (Los Angeles, CA)
Love it!!

This was a bonus candle received with my purchase of the thunderstorm wax melts. Super cute candle and it smells sooooo yum!!! Awesome awesome awesome bonus!!

Cassandra (Livermore, CA)
Expert Candle Creators 🙌🏼

Dios Candles couldn’t be more perfect! The scents are incredibly accurate & so many very unique aromas to choose from! This one is so yummy & sweet! I am so glad I’ve found the best candle company out there! I couldn’t be more happier with my purchase & with the service. I will only be getting candles from here going forward, they are just too good not to keep coming back for more!✨

Cortney S. (Denver, CO)
Oh my goodness

This candle is ridiculous. It smells heavenly! If you’ve ever been to Texas Road House you know about their rolls and the CINNAMON BUTTER. This smells just like it! Yum!

Emily W. (Cochran, GA)

Oh my goodness when this candle burns it makes me so happy! Hubs walked in and asked if I was baking cookies. Nope. No cookies. Just happiness in a candle.

AC (Whittier, CA)
Good People

Adorable and smells great!

Lindsay D. (McHenry, IL)
Good People, Good Scent!

I wasn’t sure what a candle that was said to smell like “butter” would smell like, but it smells really nice! I had it personalized to give to a dear friend and I know she will love this adorable little candle!

Tulip (London, KY)
Better than I thought

Turned out to smell better than I thought. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Heather (Pittsburgh, PA)
Smells yummy

This candle reminds me of making cinnamon bread with my Gram, it's a must have ❤

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)

This is my favourite candle from the March Adorable Monthly. It may break into my top five Dio favourites of all time. It’s that good. It smells like hot fresh cinnamon sugar donuts. I’m going to get another one in a larger size. I’m a fan.

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