Hardware Store Candle

Scent: Paint Mixers - Wooden Dowels - Dusty Metal Shelves

Smells like

Paint Mixers - Wooden Dowels - Dusty Metal Shelves

You’ll remember the nostalgic smell of cement, wooden boards and dowels, dusty boxes of nails on metal shelves and sweet whiffs of stale chocolate by the cash register. This home improvement fragrance is a favorite amongst the home renovation crowd!

Customer Reviews

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Smells like your next big project

Adorable for sure.


Oddly enough, this candle smells like bug spray which is what I think of when I think of a hardware store. I think of a little store in a beachy town and...bug spray 😂😂😂. It doesn't ACTUALLY smell like big spray, but it def reminds me of it!!! It's a nice, clean scent and a pretty pale grey colour!!!

Childhood Memories

This candle it incredible. It smells exactly like my childhood, and spending weekends doing wood work projects with my Dad and Grandpa. It's such unique scent for a candle. The metal lid adds that extra touch. Thank you for this walk down memory lane.

Really smells like the hardware store

It wasn't my favourite from the box but when I smell this candle it brought so many memories. It really smells like an hardware store!

Smells like memories

This candle smells just like when I was younger and went with my dad to the hardware store. The dust and metal just brings back all those days and fun times. I really like the simplicity of the color and label.

Feels Like Home

Growing up in a small town I spent some time at our local Hardware Store because my dad is always doing home improvements and DIY projects. It reminds me of spending time in the garage with my parents fixing and building things. It is a clean and crisp smell with almost a hint of what makes me think of tin cans.

Get Out The Hammer

This was a pretty dang good representation of a hardware store. I don't go into them all too often, but this feels accurate. It kind of made me think of vicks vaporub, which I'm guessing might be the paint or metal smell! Not a top fav, but definitely good!

Nailed it!

This candle smells exactly like a hardware store! Like leather and wood. It is the weirdest thing ever but it is amazing! I don't know how she does it!

nice color !

to me this kinda smells like cough sirup and i have no idea why. I live in a very big city, so we only have huge hardware stores and this candle smells like the department with all the nails ! :D

Sure hit the nail on the head

Hahaha, you see what I did there!?! When I was very young, I loved going to the lumber yard and hardware stores with my father. This candle captures that fresh cut raw wood smell perfectly with hints of the cold metal of nails. Makes me miss those quaint little hardware stores.

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Bibliophile Candle

Smart Husband

Buying candles for my wife is a no brainer. Buying an unusual sent that she loves... hello bonus points!

Clean and calming

This is a very clean and calm scent. My favorite from this month’s adorable monthly box.

Be thankful

This smells great, like tart cherry candy.

Take a moment and breathe

This is a very relaxing scent. Very calming and it smells fantastic!!