Home Cooked Meal Candle

22 reviews

Size: 8oz Candle
Sale price$23.99


Scent Profile: Sweet Potato - Savory Spices

• Top Notes: Sweet Potato, Cinnamon
• Mid Notes: Brown Sugar, Nutmeg, Marshmallow
• Base Notes: Vanilla, Cumin, Black Pepper

Create a comforting home-cooked atmosphere with this delicious scented candle! Hand-poured with a blend of sweet potatoes, spiced meats and warm vanilla, it'll evoke the homey smell of your favorite family recipes. Enjoy the cozy aromas and reminisce in the nostalgia of home-cooked meals!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Karen H.
It didn't just meet but exceeded my expect...

It didn't just meet but exceeded my expectations.

Ashley R. (O'Fallon, MO)
Smell of Fall

This! This is the smell of Fall!! It's spicy, it's sweet, it smells delicious. It makes me hungry!! It really makes me want to get cooking a nice Home Cooked Meal. See what I did there?

Jay (Laurel, MD)
Smells yummy

Smells so yummy! Exactly like sweet potato with brown sugar and savory spices. Throw is great with the wax melts.

Leah (Lake Forest, IL)
Smells like Thanksgiving!

I initially struggled to place the scent notes for this candle, but one thing stuck in my head as I sniffed: "Thanksgiving." This candle reminds me so much of sweet potato pie and Thanksgiving dinner (maybe some gravy? IDK.) It's not completely sweet, but it's warm and pleasant to smell.

Sweet potato surprise!

Smells like a savory sweet potato casserole. More sweet than savory but still mmm mmm good!

Cassi (Clinton, PA)
My favorite kitchen candle

This is really the perfect candle for the fall kitchen. It truly smells like some of my favorite Thanksgiving scents and I’m waiting to burn the rest of this one in my kitchen in November!

Paige (Roswell, GA)

received this in the adorable monthly box. This smells so good! Made me hungry,

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
Complex and Sweet

This is the perfect blend of sweet and savoury scents. The vanilla , the spices, the sweet potato just work so beautifully together. This is such a heartwarming homey scent, it’s perfect for autumn evenings.

Sara (McDonough, GA)
Smells like Home

This one is sweet but not overly so, just like a meal freshly baking in the oven. The scents are strong and surround you with the comforts of home. The color is such a gorgeous orange and the label is such a fun one.

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)
I could eat this candle!

I would love to walk into a house during dinner if it smelled this amazing. The spicy-sweet smell this candle gives off, is mouth watering. Makes me wish it was safe to eat

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