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Raspberry - Orange - Vanilla Bean

Size: 8 oz Candle
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When it happens, it happens just like *snap*. In just a moment your attention is captured and held forever in a berry-citrus-vanilla blend that is sweet and bright-eyed, just like love at first sight.

Scent Profile: Raspberry - Orange - Vanilla Bean

• Top Notes: Orange Zest, Raspberry
• Mid Notes: Cherry, Plum, Strawberry
• Base Notes: Vanilla Bean

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amanda (Brampton, ON)

All I can say is yum! Sweet and citrusy fantastic!

Ilene S.

These wax tarts smell delicious! It smells like summer in my house & it's feb in saint paul. I absolutely love this smell, i can't get enough!

Paige (Roswell, GA)

So sad this candle is out of stock now but this was absolutely adorable! I can't wait to use this for my anniversary!

Heather (Pittsburgh, PA)
One of my Faves

I love sweet and this candle has got it covered. A nice mix of fruit and a citrus kick, perfect for a sunny spring day!

Kat B. (Austin, IN)
Sweet nothings

A sweet and romantic scent to bring you back to memories on a honeymoon or that first date!


A nice mix of sweet and citrus. It isn't overpowering. A nice Spring/Summer smell.

Elizabeth (Stevensville, ON)
*dreamy sigh*

Ugh! This candle is so yummy. I’m a sucker for sweet candles, and this one is just perfectly that. I don’t like to eat oranges, but I love the essences of them, and this candle makes the orange stand out for me the most. It being sweet is not overpowering either, and that’s always a positive with any candle. I’m super happy with this one!

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)
I’m In Love

First off, this label is my favourite Dio label ever. So darn pretty! I’ll be keeping the empty jar forever. This scent is so fresh and bright, the fruity notes are sharp, not too sweet and it wakes me up when I burn it. The longer I burn it the more the raspberry scent comes to the front and I love the smell of fresh raspberries. If you love citrus, you’ll love this candle!

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)

The label is so cute! Then the bubblegum pink colour. This was probably my favourite in the box, it smells so delicious. Fruit flavoured candles are a weakness of mine and this one answers them all. I could smell it all day. Mmm mmm good!

Tammy (London, ON)
It was "love at first sight" for me!!!

This candle is absolutely gorgeous. The label is simple, the colours of it are perfect, and the graphic on it is so cute and fitting! The pink of the candle is so nice!!! And the smell! It is so fruity and delicious with a hint of vanilla!!!! A must in all candle lovers collections!!!!

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