Lucky Money Candle

15 reviews

Size: 8oz Candle
Sale price$23.99


Scent Profile: Money

• Top Notes: Ink Resin
• Mid Notes: Cotton Fibers, Parchment
• Base Notes: Soft Vanilla

Make your dreams of wealth come true with the Lucky Money Candle! Light it up to ignite the power of luck and prosperity, while the aroma of cold-hard-cash fills your home. Take the plunge and make your future brighter. Burn money like a boss!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
My friend loved this

I got it for his birthday.

Jay (Laurel, MD)
Fresh clean scent

Another reviewer captured it perfectly. This is what I imagine money smells like fresh off the presses and before entering circulation. Nice clean fresh scent and very realistic.

Alandra R. (Philadelphia, PA)
Money that smells good

I loved my candle so much. The money candle scent was such a cool gift for my brother! It actually smelled like money but in a good way believe it or not. I will definitely buy candles from here for now on!

Jennifer (Longmont, CO)
Spot On

This one cracks me up. If money has a scent, this is definitely it! Very simple smell.

Clean scent

This candle has a fresh, clean scent. It has a very light cologne type smell. Overall a great choice!

Echo (Chilliwack, BC)

This candle has a clean, fresh scent that isn’t too strong. I could imagine this is what money might smell like hot off the presses, before being passed to a million hands

Jenny (Winnetka, IL)
Love this!

This is an interesting smelling candle that i liked. I cant quite describe the scent though- there is something a tad smokey about it but also fresh/clean which i know are somewhat opposites lol. I really like it though

Natasha E. (Burglengenfeld, BY)

Hard to describe but it smells great. It has a very fresh, somewhat sweet, clean scent that's not too strong.

Lindsay (Edmonton, AB)

I think this candle is a perfect example of what Dio does best- unique, creative, fun scents that you can’t just find in any old candle store. I really like this scent - it’s a blend of earthy greenery with a hint of sweetness that makes for a one of a kind experience.

Maureen (Kearny, NJ)
Dolla dolla bill yalllllllll

I love the smell of this unique candle. It’s sweet and spring like but not overpowering at all. The green color is on point !

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