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Interstellar AMAZING!!!

If this is what space smells like then beam me up, Scotty!!! I really didn’t know what to expect for this and I really bought it because 1) it’s space and 2) I think the label is beautiful. I did not think I would fall for this candle and that I would now be questioning space EVEN MORE! It kinda smells fruity almost(?) and carbonated and flat at the same time (I realize that probably makes no sense but I don’t know how else to describe it!!!) I definitely recommend giving it a try, I think you too will be blown away by how it smells! And it has glitter, so that in itself is reason enough to try it!!! Love it!


I don’t even know where to begin. The label? The scent? The fact that I want to eat this candle? All are valid starting points lol. This label is the CUTEST. I love it so so much!!! The scent is absolutely drool-worthy. What an incredible mix and it really makes me want pancakes and blueberries, both things I’m not a huge fan of lol. I will be buying this in a larger size. It is on my list of a bajillion favourites!


This candle reminds me of sitting in a cafe (remember those days???) and reading my book, people watching, and smelling the incredible smells of the coffee being made. I know nothing about coffee as I don’t drink it, but if this were a brew I think it would taste incredible! Highly recommend!!!

Give me ALL the Blue!!!

Wow! I can’t even begin to describe how incredible this candle is. The scent notes are strong in this one and I am so here for it! It smells like the most amazing fruit-filled kitchen and I. Am. Here. For. It! Can’t get enough of it! Will be buying a larger one FOR SURE!

I want a cookie now...

OH. EM. GEE. YUM!!!!! This candle is soft and sweet and like it says on the label, “Like a warm hug from Nonna.” It is so incredibly delicious and the label is just perfect! I love this one so much. Food candles are so perfect!!!!

Mint Mojito Candle - Mint Lime Rum and Seltzer Scented 100% Soy - Dio Candle Company

Mint Mojito Candles and Wax Melts

Enjoy the refreshing rush of mint and lime in this exciting summer blend that will remind you of boozy poolside drinks! This bright blend will lift your spirits, with just a hint of fizzy seltzer.

Scent Profile: Mint - Lime - Rum

• Top Notes: Lime, Pineapple
• Mid Notes: Wild Mint, Spearmint
• Base Notes: Rum, Vanilla

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Exactly what I was looking for

When I was in college I had an air freshener that smelled minty and limey and I have been searching for something like it ever since. Well, this candle was IT. The scent is incredible. It fills my house without being overpowering, it looks like it might actually last forever, and there is no wax residue on the inside of the jar it burns.

This is one I will be ordering again and again 😊😊


I will never be able to thank Natasha and Mike enough for making this candle. These bright refreshing drinks are a favorite in our household and this candle is everything i could have hoped for. Its mint and citrus and has that subtle hint of rum. I will need a jar of this in my house for the rest of my life!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Oh wow, I love this one. It’s not super strong, but the scent notes are spot on! It’s light, summery, and comforting. And the green of the wax and the label are so pretty!

super fresh

i’ve never had a Mojito but this candle smells lovely ! it smells minty, fresh and very calming, i love it !

Fizzy Mint

It smells so minty, fresh, and fizzy. The green label and color are so pretty.

Minty Heaven

If you like mint, you'll love this. It's herbaceous, citrusy, and it's got a little lift of the seltzer bubbles. I'm definitely going to get a lot of use out of this candle.


This is a perfect combination of scents. At first sniff, I smell the mint and then taking a bit longer to enjoy the candle, the lime scent comes out with the rum and it creates a wonderful smell for the senses

Smells just like a mint mojito!

I love a good mojito, and this candle had me salivating.