Personalized Husband/Boyfriend Candle

Scent: Men's Spice Deodorant - Cotton

Smells like

Men's Spice Deodorant - Cotton

You know that fresh clean man, cotton tee shirt and just applied deodorant smell? This fragrance smells like that! Customize the label however you like!

Customer Reviews

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Such a sweet concept for a candle this month. It smelled great! Wonderfully fresh, like a hug from a very clean man.

So clean

Though I don't have a My Michael in my life, I can certainly light this candle and imagine one. It is so fresh and masculine and clean. Perfect blend for those that love the smell of guys. Now you no longer have to steal your significant other's hoodies/sweaters. I love the clean colors and the label is so cute.

Groans In A Good Way

Good golly miss Molly, this candle is absolute perfection, and my favourite from the box. Manly scents are my top favourite scents, and this one takes the cake. It’s so fresh, and clean, and smells like a good man. Thank for bringing this candle into my life, Tash. Tell Michael he is a good smelling man ;D LOL!


The title of this candle may need a little tweaking from My Michael to My David but the smell is spot on. No matter what cologne, deodorant or soap your man uses this will remind you of him. It's just a nice clean man scent and very comforting. Scent plays a huge roll in memory so the idea behind this candle is absolutely genius and adorable! I love this little candle.

My Man

I am in love with this candle. Even though it's called 'My Michael', it smells exactly like my hubby, David. Which makes me incredibly happy. Now when he is away on work trips, I can light it and it's like he's here. The Old Spice scent it incredible, like a man fresh out of the shower. I just can't get enough.

All the Single Ladies

Why do you need a man if you can just have a candle that smells like one, that’s the best thing about them right? it’s fresh and such a clean scent!

Old Spice

Old spice and clean cotton are two scents that are synonymous with my husband, which makes it pertinent to me, but it’s not really my fav. scent for a candle. But a sweet idea. I was a little concerned when I heard the theme, but overall was a good box. If they can do a candle theme on ‘Michael’ I’d say they can pull off just about any theme thrown at them!

Perfect !

This smells super dreamy and fresh. I adore this scent ! And i absolutely LOVE the idea of this candle ! So sweet that it can be personalized to your very own boyfriend/husband.

Boyfriend/Husband scent

This candle smells like clean cotton and old spice *keeps inhaling the lovely scent*! The label is super cute and can be customized:)

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Smart Husband

Buying candles for my wife is a no brainer. Buying an unusual sent that she loves... hello bonus points!

Clean and calming

This is a very clean and calm scent. My favorite from this month’s adorable monthly box.

Be thankful

This smells great, like tart cherry candy.

Take a moment and breathe

This is a very relaxing scent. Very calming and it smells fantastic!!

I can only Imagine

This is a great smelling candle. Smells just like sherbet.