Santa Baby Candles and Wax Melts

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Santa Baby, we've got just the thing - a fling! This seductive Christmas creation is a spicy blend of clove and cinnamon blended with bright lemon and christmas tree. Perfect for a fancy christmas party, or a night in for two.

Scent Profile: Lemon - Clove - Christmas Tree

• Top Notes: Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove
• Mid Notes: Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce
• Base Notes: Sandalwood


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For any Christmas lover

Santa baby, just a little dio candle for me ;)! I got this one in a 4oz and I will be back for the bigger size. The label is adorable and the scent cinnamon and Christmas tree = perfection.

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4,000+ 5⭐️ REVIEWS

4506 reviews

Another amazing scent! This immediately caught my attention and I couldn’t resist anything about it! Another one of my favorites added to my already long list! Upon first sniff it brought me back to the days of enjoying sherbet as a kid! Smells Exactly like it tastes! I will absolutely be getting this in a larger size!


Cream soda has to be one of my favorite flavors & this candle is spot on to the real thing! The creaminess is absolutely divine & I can’t get enough of its nostalgic goodness!

Peachy Princess

Princess and a giant peach!👑 🍑 I love this one a lot! It reminds me of taking a bite out of a warm peach on a hot summer day or a yummy peach cobbler!

So cute!

I love banana flavors a lot & of course unicorns! I think this candle is just lovely!
Everything about it down to the glitter is a nice touch✨


I’ve always been drawn to anything eucalyptus & spearmint flavored and this scent is a perfect combo of the two! I really love the chosen name and the packaging is beautiful!