Sorcerer Candle

Scent: Sandalwood - Amber - Coriander

Smells like

Sandalwood - Amber - Coriander

Practice Ancient spells with this thought provoking fragrance! This spicy blend of coriander mixed with musky amber and soothing sandalwood is perfectly balanced to bring the forces at will to your submission. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Shipment that Smells Amazing!

I ordered two candles and got a sample candle as well. The shipped package arrived I'm great condition and my candles smell amazing! I'll be giving them to a friend for Christmas and I know she'll love each scent. Thank you for such fun candles!

Didn't Want To Blow It Out!

I'm very picky with my scents but I love this one! Smells truly mystical! If I didn't want a chance to use it again, I wouldn't have blown it out! Also Strangely (pun accidentally intended) in love with the dark blue color of the melted wax. Very good color for a Doctor Strange candle.

Astral Projection Perfection!

I heart Doctor Strange so I was really excited to see this candle in the October box! It has such a wonderful musky clean scent to it. The scent kind of reminds me of men's body wash, the good expensive kind. It does smell masculine which I'm usually not a fan of but this candle was just done so well!

Give me more Benedict!

I have a slight obsession with Benedict from Sherlock so to have a candle that captures his scent as another character makes me very happy! Good strong masculine smell. Beautiful candle color too!

Masculine but not my favourite

Everything is said in the title. I loved the masculine scent of this candle but it wasn't my favourite candle from the box.

I don't usually like herbal...

This was a great balance for me! I'm not a fan of strong herbal scents, but I thought this one had some masculine notes, too. Another hit in this subscription box!

Awesome for Doctor Strange

This candle has a great balance between masculine with a hint of sweet. While I am big usually a big fan of masculine candles, this one is really pleasant. I find this one very strong though, but that could be because I don't love masculine scented candles.

Masculine and sweet

The masculine scent of sandalwood makes this candle one of my favorites and it also has a sweetness to it as well that blends in together so amazingly. This is probably one of my favorite colors of any candle, ever.

Good, but...

This one kind of makes my eyes itch. I know that sounds so weird, but one of the scent notes (the sandalwood maybe?) seems to bother me. However, I think it's a great scent to go with the Doctor Strange theme! Manly and exotic at the same time.

The Doctor is In

This candle has such a pleasant blend of scents. Its sweet, yet has a intriguing complexity to it. The warm amber scent hits you right at the end and leaves you with a calmness that unexplainable.

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Smart Husband

Buying candles for my wife is a no brainer. Buying an unusual sent that she loves... hello bonus points!

Clean and calming

This is a very clean and calm scent. My favorite from this month’s adorable monthly box.

Be thankful

This smells great, like tart cherry candy.

Take a moment and breathe

This is a very relaxing scent. Very calming and it smells fantastic!!

I can only Imagine

This is a great smelling candle. Smells just like sherbet.