Teenage Angst Candle

Scent: Love Potion - Salty Water

Smells like

Love Potion - Salty Water

Love hurts! It's true. We all go through it. To capture the sting and confusion of teenage angst we mixed a popular love potion with some salty heartbreak tears! This broken heart remedy fragrance will mend even the deepest wounds!

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The scent is amazing! I almost don't want to burn it, just because I don't want to get rid of it yet.


Great smell , love love love

Fruity and Sweet

This label is so fun! It definitely made me think of those high school days and all the angst haha. The scent is fruity and sweet :)


The label is hilariously awesome and i love the smell. One of my favorite of their candles. Fruity and none of the nasty notes of teen angst ;) Love this concept of their coming of age box!! So great!

Angst, Angst, Angst

This was my second favorite candle in the box, angst just speaks to me. Really though, this is a very lightly scented candle, which I found hard to pinpoint, but it seems slightly fruity to me and smells great! I also really love the color of this candle, that morose blue is definitely channeling all of the angst we know so well as teens.

Mild, sweet scent

This was the least pungent of the Coming of Age box set. I think it is the most neutral of the set, but still smells great. It could be burned in any home without offending the most sensitive noses.

Not feeling angsty anymore

Teenage motherf****** Angst, the BEST candle of the bunch. I love it. LOVE IT! Trust me, because I know angst. I was that teen who only liked industrial music and who wore all black and wore black makeup and nail polish.
The weird thing though is that I feel like the scent changed after I burned it. Can that happen? I have no idea what this smells like, because I really can't pinpoint it. What I can tell you is that it smells good.

MIsunderstood and loving it!

I am in love with the sugary sweetness of this beautiful little candle. Good thing I am past those teen years and there will be no Angst when I burn it to its final dredges. Splitting up is hard to do, but I will take solace in the fact that I can order another! Not only is it cleverly named, but it also has fantastic packaging!

Great Packaging even better scent!

I had this burning during my mother's recent visit to my house and wouldn't you know she liked it so much she took it! This is the second time with a Dio candle this has happened. The first was with White Rabbit!

So pretty

I really love the color of this candle. The smell is amazing and definitely made me think of past relationships that may not have gone so well, but have good memories.

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Another fave of mine

I love this scent. It’s relaxing and light and fresh and wonderful. Perfect scent all year round.

Pretty candle / lovely scent

This is a very pretty candle. We currently have it burning upstairs. It’s a light scent that brightens any room.

Husbands fave!

My husband loves the fun scent of this candle. It reminds me of those cool scented dolls I had as a kid or really awesome scented stickers.

So relaxing!

I love everything about this candle. It’s light and refreshing scent is the perfect addition to any quiet time. Love to light it while reading and relaxing!

Love The Name!

My favorite collection is the Bookish Candles! This one smells so good. I had to order more because I enjoyed it so much. I also ordered some for my book club ladies!