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Watermelon - Vanilla

Size: 8 oz Candle
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A creamy vanilla concoction of watermelon to set your summer dreams ablaze! This fruity delicious scent smells just like a watermelon smoothie.

Scent Profile: Watermelon - Vanilla

• Top Notes: Honeydew Melon, Butter, Cardamom, Apple
• Mid Notes: Heliotrope, Watermelon
• Base Notes: Bourbon, Vanilla, Tonka

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Customer Reviews

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Bianca (Hamden, CT)

I know this is perfect for summer, but I love it year round! It just makes my heart so happy!

JLee (New York, NY)
Super summer fun!

I loved this candle. It is the perfect summer candle to brighten every room in your home. The colors are beautiful it lasts long and smells delicious.

Tammy (Toronto, ON)
Perfect slice of watermelon

Watermelon is the quintessential summer scent to me. Not only does this smell incredibly like watermelon, but it also LOOKS like watermelon with green on the bottom and pink on the top!! And your seeds can be found on the super cute label! I’ve already burned this one and it smells just as good lit as it does unlit! Highly recommend!!!!

Loni (Penticton, BC)
So yummy!

Where do I even begin with this candle?! It has the perfect sweetness to it and a nice smooth finish. To top it off, it's layered like a watermelon. It's just perfect. Perfect I tell you! If you love watermelon in any capacity, you need this candle.

Angelina (Vienna, 9)
yummy !!

this was my favorite candle of the August #AdorableMonthly ! it smells fruity and sweet and just delicious. plus the label is adorable and the layering actually makes it look like a little watermelon 🍉

Lizzie (Kelowna, BC)
Watermelon yummm

I love this candle! The scent reminded me right away of those sweet little watermelon candies. The pink and green layered colour is exact to that of a real watermelon. This is the perfect candle to burn during the summer!

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